New Team Guide

This page provides a guide on what teams need to know to start playing in the TCSL. If in doubt, additional information and guidance can be given by contacting:

Sean Schearer - 805-827-9111 -
Kelly Gray - 805-340-3544 -

How do I get my team into the TCSL?

  1. Contact a TCSL Board Member to let them know you want to join.
  2. Pay Registration and Bond Fees to TCSL
  3. Register players via website

What are the costs?

Assuming the team plays 16 games in a season and registers 18 players:

TCSL Registration $500.00
CalSouth Player Registration ($22.50 per player) $405.00
Field Permit Fees (Ranges from $27-$35 per home game) $280.00
Referees Fees ($80 per team per game) $1,280.00
Total Cost Per Season $2,465.00

This works out to about $137.00 per player per year or about $9.00 a game.

**Each team is required to pay a $500 bond. This is a one time payment and is refundable when the team leaves the league.

What do I need to do on game day?

  1. Bring player cards to game
  2. Bring team roster
  3. Bring game ball (if home game)
  4. Bring corner flags
  5. Line field (if necessary, Ventura fields are already lined)
  6. Set up goals/nets (if necessary, Ventura fields are already setup)
  7. Handout player cards
  8. Have players sign in on roster
  9. Check in with referees 15 minutes before kickoff
  10. Email results to TCSL webmaster

How do I get a home field?

Usually we can get you a home field if you want to use one of our existing fields, but you can also get one on your own by contacting some of the following facilities in your area: